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Auto Care 101: Will Towing Shorten My Vehicle’s Lifespan?

Towing allows you to transport a large vehicle from one location to another, especially if it has safety or mechanical issues. This method lets car owners move another large vehicle or item, such as boats, recreational vehicles, camping trailers, other cars, and even airstreams, without driving them. Moreover, it’s a more efficient way to transport illegally parked autos.

While it may offer several benefits, you may wonder if this procedure can damage your vehicle. It will only harm your car if you do it incorrectly. Because of this, you must consider your needs and follow the guidelines to avoid damage.

This article will discuss the maximum towing capacity, answer your questions if it can shorten your car’s lifespan, and how you can ensure a safe and efficient procedure.

What Is the Maximum Capacity?

Your car’s manufacturer has already predetermined the maximum weight it can safely tow. It’s crucial to read the owner’s manual and comply with the towing instructions before pulling anything with your vehicle.

Does Towing Shorten a Vehicle’s Lifespan?

When you use your vehicle to tow another automobile or a heavy item, it needs extra power, which can strain the engine and the other parts of the car. Additionally, you’ll need an increased braking action in this procedure, leading to potential braking issues.

You should always follow your manufacturer’s towing instructions, including not exceeding the maximum towing capacity and only using the approved accessories for this process. You must also see if the towed item is correctly balanced. That way, you can avoid brake issues, accidents, warranty void, traffic fines, and drivetrain damage. Not following the instructions can lead to severe vehicle damage or malfunction.

Does It Damage Transmission?

A load exceeding the maximum towing capacity or an unbalanced trailer can put extra stress on the vehicle’s transmission, which can cause collateral damage and even dangerous trailer sways. You can prevent these expensive mistakes by checking if the trailer is appropriately balanced and staying below the towing limit. You can also invest in newer pickup trucks with Trailer Sway Control (TSC) to help balance the trailer.

5 Tips for Safe Towing

Besides regular maintenance, being a responsible car owner also means knowing how to properly tow other vehicles or items. After answering if this procedure can cause collateral damage, this section will provide five essential tips to ensure safe towing and reduce the wear on your automobile.

1. Read the Owner's Manual Carefully

You must always read the instructions in the owner’s manual carefully before using your vehicle to tow something. This essential book or booklet has all the necessary information about a vehicle, including instructions on how to use it, how to maintain it, advice on troubleshooting common problems, and safety information when using it. You can find towing instructions in the manual if your car is suitable for towing.

2. Check the Towing Accessories’ Authenticity

When you install the right accessories or packages on your car, it can carry more than its average towing capacity. While it will let you take on a heavier load, you must still use the correct equipment safely.

3. Never Exceed the Maximum Capacity

Your car and its parts can suffer collateral damage if you tow more than it can handle.

4. Drive Safely

You should keep your speed rate safe and accelerate gradually, especially when hauling something behind you. You should also apply the brakes evenly and be careful when making sharp turns because towing can make it challenging to navigate.

5. Seek Professional Assistance

You can always call an expert technician if you need help preparing your vehicle for towing.


Towing lets you transport another car or large items more efficiently. Following the owner’s manual and working with a reputable technician can help ensure a safe procedure and protect your vehicle from damage.

If you need professional towing in Artesia, NM, work with Royal Recovery LLC! We’re committed to delivering high-quality customer service to meet your hauling needs. Call us now for more information!

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