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Is It Okay for Someone to Tow My Vehicle without Consent?

Being a responsible driver means going beyond following the law. It also means considering everyone’s road safety. Unfortunately, others forget how to drive and park responsibly, leading to distressing consequences, including someone taking away your vehicle without permission.

This situation can leave you feeling violated and angry. It can also be costly and upsetting because you'll likely pay a fee or face legal trouble. Moreover, you may wonder how it happened and if it's okay for someone else to tow your car away.

If you want to spare yourself from future towing troubles, this article will answer if it's okay for someone else to do this, why it happens, and how to handle this stressful situation.

What Happens When Someone Else Tows Your Car without Consent?

This situation occurs when someone takes your car from its parked space and moves it to another location without your knowledge. It happens when you park illegally, break a driveway easement, or face criminal charges.

Can Someone Else Do This?

Anyone can call towing services to remove a car from public or private property if it violates laws or rules. For instance, a police officer can remove it if you illegally parked your vehicle. A neighbor can also call towing services if you park your automobile on their property without consent. Moreover, even a civilian who has taken offense to your car can remove it with the proper authority.

When Can Someone Tow Your Car without Your Consent?

After discussing this distressing situation and who can remove your car from the area, this section will enumerate three instances where they can call towing services without your permission.

1. Driveway Blockage

You must know where not to park because it could hinder others’ mobility or slow down traffic. Knowing this is crucial because many states penalize drivers who block someone else’s driveway. Before pulling into a spot, always review the area for restrictions or warnings.

2. Illegal Parking

Parking in the wrong place can lead to fines and cause delays because of the disturbance you may have caused. You can spare yourself from unauthorized towing by not parking in areas with tow-away signs, in front of a fire hydrant, or in any designated locations for emergency parking.

3. Driving without a License

You may face a lot of trouble without the proper license. Besides the police letting you pull over, they may tow and impound your vehicle. You can be a responsible driver by acquiring or renewing your license when needed.

What Should You Do When This Happens?

If someone towed away your car without your consent, ensure you didn’t break any laws and contact the towing company or police to recover your vehicle. You may also need to present a valid driver’s license and proof of ownership. Moreover, you can file a motion for a court order release if they keep your car for too long and charge outrageous fees before the bills get too high.

What If I Parked in the Wrong Place?

If someone tows away your vehicle because you parked it in the wrong spot, know where they’ve taken it and request its release. While you’ll pay a towing fee, the authorities may consider it abandoned, and you may incur additional storage costs if you wait too long to collect it.

Who Should I Call When This Situation Happens?

Contacting your local law enforcement agency is your best option if the police take your car. They should tell you why they did it, your car’s location, and how to retrieve it.


It can be stressful for someone else to call towing companies to take your vehicle away. You can avoid this upsetting situation by only parking in designated areas and complying with applicable laws and rules.

To practice better road responsibility and learn more about vehicle towing in Artesia, check out Royal Recovery LLC! We are a licensed and insured firm with professional drivers who always prioritize customer service. Contact us now to learn more!

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