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5 Reasons Why Vehicles Get Towed Out of Private Properties

Being a car owner is highly beneficial because you can go almost anywhere without experiencing commuting issues. However, you are responsible for ensuring it's parked in the right spot. After all, you don't want someone's car parked in your spot, especially if it's on your private property. If this is the case, you may be entitled to get the vehicle towed.

Towing a car off private property is usually the property owner's responsibility. If you find a vehicle parked in your spot and can't reach the owner, you can call a tow truck to move the vehicle. The tow truck driver will likely charge a fee for the service, which the car owner will be responsible for. While the process may seem straightforward, there has to be sufficient reason and evidence that the car is parked illegally for the tow truck driver to move it. With this in mind, here are some of the most common reasons why a vehicle may be towed off a private property:

#1 - Parking Violations

A parking violation is one of the most common reasons a car may be towed. This could include parking in a spot that's not designated for parking, parking in a spot reserved for another vehicle, or parking in a spot reserved for a particular vehicle. In most cases, parking violations are enforced by parking enforcement officers. If you find a car parked in your area violating a parking regulation, you can call the parking enforcement office to have the vehicle towed.

#2 - Signs

There are times when a car may be towed due to a sign. For example, the car may be towed if the vehicle is parked in a spot reserved for buses. Or, if a car is parked in a spot reserved for loading and unloading, the vehicle may be towed. There are also times when a car may be towed if it’s in a spot that's not designated for parking. In these cases, the car is towed because the driver is not following the instructions posted on the sign.

#3 - Road Hazard

If a car is in the way of a road hazard, it may be towed. For example, if a vehicle is blocking a fire hydrant, it may be towed. Or, if a car is blocking a construction site, it may be towed. There are times when the vehicle is the road hazard, such as when parked on the road.

#4 - Safety Regulations

Some safety regulations require cars to be towed. For example, a vehicle parked in a handicapped spot without a permit may be towed. Or, if a car is parked in a no-parking zone, it may be towed. Some safety regulations require a driver to have a permit to park in a particular spot. If a driver doesn't have a permit, their car may be towed.

#5 - Repairs Required

Let's say you're about to go out, and then you notice that your car needs a repair. In this case, you may need to tow your vehicle to a mechanic or a repair shop. While this rarely happens, it's good to know that you can always call a tow truck to help you out.

The Cost of Towing

Towing companies have different prices for towing services. Some companies charge by the mile, while others charge a flat rate. Some companies charge a little extra for special services, like towing a boat or a trailer. Instead, you can ask the towing company for a quote, and they will estimate the cost. However, the actual price may be higher or lower than the estimate.

Towing can also be expensive, depending on the vehicle’s size and the distance it needs to be towed. For example, a car that needs to be towed from one town to another may be more expensive than a car that just needs to be towed a few miles.

Here's a look at some average towing prices:

  • Local towing services (within 10 miles) - $35 to $125

  • Long-distance towing services (more than 10 miles) - $125 to $250

  • Towing a motorcycle - $75 to $200

As for specialty vehicles, such as RVs and trailers, they usually cost several hundred dollars. It's best to call the tow company directly for an estimate.


Towing a car off private property is a legal right the property owner has, and they can hire a tow company to remove the vehicle at the owner's expense. Of course, it has to be done by due process to avoid problems for everyone involved. This way, the towing and car retrieval process will be smooth.

If you’re looking for car towing services in Artesia, Royal Recovery, LLC can help you! We use heavy-duty equipment to help you tow your vehicle whenever needed, all for affordable prices. Visit our website today to book a reservation!

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